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    Easy Installation
    TiLux has the same exact dimensions as the standard drop-ceiling tile, thus making installation extraordinarily easy and trouble-free. Simply remove the existing ceiling panel and drop the TiLux panel onto the frame in its stead – no electrician or carpenter is needed to install the TiLux system.

    Semi-Permanent Lifetime
    TiLux utilizes solid state LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) as its light source. One of the major advantages of using LEDs is its lifetime, estimated at 100,000 hours (30 years at 10 hrs per day).

    Affordable Price and Low Cost of Ownership
    While the initial costs of purchasing and installing a TiLux panel or a conventional fluorescent lighting is essentially the same, the lack of maintenance needed for the TiLux system for at least 15 years makes its overall cost of ownership about 5 times less expensive than a fluorescent lighting system.

    Uniform Lighting
    TiLux utilizes the cutting edge LCD technologies of WooYoung Co. Ltd. to provide a vibrant and uniform light over the full area of the panel.

    Dimming Capacity
    TiLux can be fitted with a dimmer control unit for dimming capacity, an option not possible with fluorescent lighting fixtures.

    Natural and Flexible White Color
    Since white is a combination of red, green and blue, WooYoung’s unique PLF (Photo Luminescent Film) technology allows us to adjust each light to create custom colors per client if desired.

    Environmentally Friendly
    TiLux employs LEDs that do not contain any hazardous materials like mercury, an environmentally unfriendly gas present in fluorescent lights that is increasingly being regulated by federal environmental laws.

    Thin Lighting Fixture
    TiLux is 1.5” thin: you save at least 3 inches off the floor to floor height. That is a saving of 120 inches (10 feet) of construction costs for a 40-story building.
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