New Products

The new 2nd Generation LED lighting ( Tilux / Panelux / LinearLux ) is coming soon. We are excited about this new and improved product. They have the great features of the 1st Generation LED Panels with improved performance. They are much brighter and can be fitted with a dimmer option which can save on energy bills.

These new high efficiency white LED panels are available in four color temperatures: 3200°K, 4400°K, 5500°K, 6700°K. Our new LED Panels are guaranteed for 3 years against any manufacturing defects.

These products help eliminate the VDT screen glare. They don’t emit any UV radiation. They are low maintenance and environmentally friendly. They also have the added health benefits of stimulating the circadian system of the body which helps fight SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder), Alzheimer’s disease and some cancers and improves alertness.



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