About us

Midwest LED - A regional Representative of LED Folio. Our goal is to revolutionize the indoor lighting market by replacing the industry's old reliance on fluorescent and incandescent lighting with our unique cost-efficient LED-powered lighting systems.

We are the only one in the industry providing LED general lighting products at a price competitive to fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures. This is due to LED Folio's exclusive strategic alliance with WooYoung ( Korea ) and their state-of-the-art LCD technology. Talented design teams developed the market’s most efficient indirect lighting systems with over 5 patent pending designs, including TiLux™, LinearLux™ and PaneLux™
( Panel light / LED strip )
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Our goal is not simply to offer the next model in the same old line of products, it is to introduce a market shifting solution to today’s lighting world. We are taking tomorrow’s technology and simplifying it for today’s world.



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