1. Nike Boutique
  2. Paju City Project
  3. Rail Transit System
  4. Country Club


Nike Concept Boutique
Manhattan (Tribeca), New York
Debuted October 2006



Paju New City Project
Exhibition Center, Residential, Office buildings
Located in Korea

Current Contract: about $300K for exhibition center (demo House)
Secured Prospect: $50 million prospect
(lightings for over 50,000 residential and office) for next 2 years


Washington Metropolitan Area
Transit Authority (WMATA)

2nd Largest Rail Transit System in the USA

  • 206 million riders for rail in fiscal year 2006
  • Total Metrorail system: 106.3 miles, 86 stations
    Subway: 50.5 miles, 47 stations
  • Federal government funds 65% of capital costs
  • State and local governments fund 42.4% of daily operations
  • Demo installation in a closed WMATA subway station to be completed November 2006
    Successful demo will lead to the purchase order for installation in all 47 operating subway stations


Sundale Country Club
Renovation for Country Club in Bakersfield, California

  • TiLux™ installed in dining rooms, store and office
  • 1:1 replacement of fluorescent lighting
  • Completed September 2006


8550 N. Silvery Lane, Suite 101 | Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
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