LED LinerRux is being used in the home to brighten a living room.     LED Tilux is being used to light this meeting room as one large, decorative panel. LED LinerRux is being used in a patient's room to provide light directly over the bed.

The New Wave of Lighting Technology

This innovative new LED Technology enhances the aesthetics of any room in your home, office or business. Not only will LED lighting ( Panel light / LED strip ) change the way your room looks, but it will also significantly decrease your energy bill because this new technology is more efficient than normal incandescent lighting. Click here for Tilux LED Light sale.

Benefits of Using LED Lighting

  • Easier and less expensive to install
  • Lasts 15 - 20 years with absolutely no maintenance
  • More energy efficient ( lower electric bills )
  • Significantly thinner than fluorescent fixtures
  • Revolutionary new LED technology, makes this price comparable with fluorescent lighting

Midwest LED is a Regional Representative of LED Folio for Tilux, Panelux and Linearlux.

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